At Eurus Aviation safety is our foremost concern and we invest in our team and equipment. A professional team is devoted to evaluate and maintain our equipment 24/7.

Crew members and personnel are trained twice every year under the strictest supervision, with the highest standards in Alliance Aviation training center at Dallas TX, which has state of the art technology in simulators and training.

Eurus Aviation has its own Operational Control Center (CCO) based at the Toluca International Airport, where we have the most advanced technology to coordinate and monitor all our operations in real time.


Our mission

Making traveling with Eurus a seamless experience from beginning to end.


The time of your chosing, your preferred destination or destinations tailored to your needs.

Safety & Health

Experienced and trained crews working with a safe and sanitized equipment following and exceeding the CDC, FAA, and AFAC guidelines.

Cost Efficient

Time and destination flexibility unmatched by our competitors add value and savings


The only private flight service for more than 15 and up to 50 passengers

The unsatisfied demand

Our concept was born when we identified the unsatisfied demand for private flights for more than 20 passengers.

Large companies, artists, professional teams as well as business executives and families need to fly larger groups with the convenience of private flights, but there were no options in the market that provided the flexibility of private aviation, access to Commercial or FBO lounges and adequate pricing.

Covid-19 added the need to fly with greater safety and health measures. Avoiding exposure to large crowds and the certainty that our equipment is sanitized with opportunity and thoroughness added value for our clients and crews.



Plan your trip with our team of experts, selecting multiple destinations, departure's dates & times.


Coordinate your travel arrangements with the amazing help of your our concierge services.


Allow us to impress your guests by selecting a special menu from our selected providers.


Cargo Services available fo your most immediate and delicate cargo needs upwards to 3 tons*.


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About Us

Mexican Company based in Mexico City, founded in 2017

Our Personnel and Crew have more than 20 years of experience in commercial and executive aviation

Base operations at Toluca International Airport.

We are focused on private aviation in the Charter Flights segment.

Eurus Aviation is the only company in Mexico that has the charter service of this capacity operating in General Aviation, FBO or Commercial Terminal, making the time of registration, documentation and luggage process seamless for the passenger and in less time than any commercial flight, similar to a private flight.

Other services:
  • - Aircraft Administration
  • - Aircraft Sale and Purchase
  • - Advise and Management with aeronautical authorities (AFAC, FAA)
Flight hours


Maximum Take-Off Weight


Max Passengers


Social Responsibility

We are proud of our socially responsible company, and during Covid-19 lockout crisis we booked more than 100 hours of humanitarian flights. enabling travelers to return to their home countries. We also have done rescue flights within Latin America fo Governments

Rolando Ugalde, President of Eurus Aviation

Rescue Missions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries instituted closure of borders for international travel. Governments, private organizations and companies embarked on citizen repatriation missions. Between February and December 2020, Eurus Aviation provided aerial transportation to citizens from Mexico, the United States, Japan, China, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Belize, Guatemala, Puerto Rico in specially chartered and approved humanitarian flights from and to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. The preparation and execution of these missions with the objective of repatriating citizens were impossibly challenging due to the need to provide a safe environment to prevent onboard transmission of the disease to passengers and flight personnel.

At least seven repatriation missions were performed successfully by Eurus following closely AFAC (Mexican Civil Aviation Authority) and US Federal Aviation Guidelines. Approximately of 400 citizens were repatriated with these missions. The operations were divided into four phases: the pre-boarding screening phase, the boarding and in-flight phase, and the reception phase. The aircraft used was disinfected using Eviter’s Products before, during and after each phase. Each mission had flight crew members between 4 and 5 people. There were no positive cases detected among the repatriated citizens. There were no infections involving flight team members.

In order to obtain permits and exceptions while airports were closed all across the continent, a clear understanding of the requirements and ever-changing guidelines for the different countries where the passengers were arriving was required. Eurus flexibility and creativity and impressive dedication form the staff was stress tested to the maximum extent in order to complete these missions for the different clients that required it. Our approach of a multidisciplinary team involvement allowed us to provide and execute the operations with great success. We are very proud and honored for the opportunity given to us by the clients that entrusted this responsibility to us.

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